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What is

Boutique Gabanique?

Boutique Gabanique is a small niche children's couture clothing boutique located in Belle River, Ontario.  My lifelong passion for creating has led me to the art of designing and fabricating children's clothing which has fashioned  Boutique Gabanique!  I am the sole artisan of this children's clothing business, offering unique and one of a kind children's wear. Every outfit is handmade by sewing, knitting or crocheting them into children's couture pieces.  The term couture signifies that each item is truly one of a kind as no item is reproduced using the same design and fabric.  The fabrics used are primarily cotton and are hand selected in small quantities from high quality Canadian fabric suppliers.  Yarns and embroidery lace are also primarily cotton and wool blends.  Items can be purchased ready made or commissioned sales are welcome following a consultation.  Items made using previous clothing items are also restyled into new items with sentimental value such as wedding gowns made into christening ensembles and personal clothing items repurposed into sentimental keepsakes.  I hope you enjoy what I create and can find opportunities to gift these unique creations to the special people in your life. 
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